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CATLANA LOVE STORY OF METHODIUS is our first girl earned the highest title in TICA , she become SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION , we are so proud of sweet FRANKIE


Нашата малка гордост METHODIUS TIA-MARIA стана НАЙ-ДОБРО КОТЕ на първата си изложба в България

Great news

BLOSSOM MURI SAGE OF METHODIUS become SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION , after his 3d show as adult , not a year old yet. On Hungarian show he entered in 6 finals as - BEST LH CAT; 3D BEST AB CAT; 9TH BEST AB CAT; 7TH BEST AB CAT; 10TH BEST AB CAT ; 2D BEST LH CAT. THANK YOU DANA for this outstanding boy!


In Budapest show METHODIUS HEY REY become CHAMPION and got 1x CACIP, NOM, BIS and EUROPE WINNER 2013 !!! in TICA show he entered in 4 finals some as 2nd BEST ALL BREED CAT.


My new American boy BLOSSOM MURI SAGE on his first TICA show been in 8 finals in some as BEST ALL BREED KITTEN he shows wonderful temper , THANK YOU Dana Pendergraph for this incredible baby boy !!!!

METHODIUS NIGHTWISH in his first show only 3 m old , hes got Special Judges Award and 2xEX1 and Nominations !!!


CONGRATULATIONS to METHODIUS FOR YOU KIWIMAGIC- is Gold Grand Champion and THIRD BEST CAT from ALL in New Zealand , Thanks Margaret for showing him so well

METHODIUS HEY REY has become a QGC after TICA show in Hollabrun , Austria!
At TICA show in Budapest, Hungary he won BEST CAT in 3 rings, 2Th BEST CAT and 3th BEST CAT! SUPREME title for sure ..... in only 3 show he achieves the highest title in TICA.
In Traditional show he got 2xCAC , 2xBest of Breed, 2x NOM , and won 2xBIS adult

My new USA imported girl CATLANA LOVE STORY has been in 2 show and won 6 finals, Thank you so much dear Barb for this incredible girl !!! (снимка:catlana love story)

Congratulations to METHODIUS LILI BLOOM for Nominations 3-6 kittens in Madrid , Spain. Thank you for showing her!!!

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METHODIUS бе избран за трети най-добрър развъдник в България за 2010 год.

Изключително съм доволна от всички, които са съпричастни това да се случи.

In our first TICA show in MALTA - METHODIUS HEY REY become BEST KITTEN on the show.
In SERBIA TICA cat show – METHODIUS HEY REY is 3th BEST CAT of all.
METHODIUS GAIA THE GREAT is 3th BEST ALTERED CAT of all. CONGRATULATIONS BG METHODIUS INSIGHT VISION to EX1 in RIGA cat show! Thank you Melina for showing him so well!
Congratulation BG METHODIUS JURA for EX1 and NOMINATIONS Thank you ELINA for showing him!
CONGRATULATIONS BG METHODIUS FOR YOU KIWIMAGIC to his many BIS in cat shows in New Zealand and Australia! Thank you Margaret for showing him!
CONGRATULATIONS BG METHODIUS HOLLY to EX1 and NOMINATIONS in FRANCE! Thank you Tatiana for showing her so good ~
I am very proud!!!

Планираме послено котило от нашата сладурана BG*METHODIUS DARLING

We hope that she will be mated at next heat with FISHBONE Bustopher Jones , Thank you Anna from "Afroditedolls" cattery - Greece and Petra from "Fishebone" cattery Malta for letting us to have him here !!! Expected kitten will be seal, red, tortie in mitted or colorpoint.